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Fall 2007

Lecture Notes:

1.    [95%]   Tuesday, Aug. 21:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/8-21-07.ppt  Organizational matters - What is OODA? - Visualization by Projection - Object Space & Feature Space - Curves as Data - Data Representation Issues - PCA visualization

2.    [98%]   Thursday, Aug. 23:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/8-23-07.ppt  Matlab Software - Time Series of Curves - Chemometrics Data - Mortality Data -

3.    [85%]   Tuesday, Aug. 28:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/8-28-07.ppt  Gene Cell Cycle Data - Microarrays and HDLSS visualization - DWD bias adjustment – Breast Cancer Data – Start NCI 60 Data

4.    [85%]   Thursday, Aug. 30:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/8-30-07.ppt  NCI 60 Data - DWD Robustness against unbalanced sampling - Linear algebra review  PP: Andrey Shabalin – Microarray Batch Adjustment

5.    [90%]   Tuesday, Sep. 4:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-4-07.ppt  Linear algebra review - Multivariate probability review - PCA as an optimization Problem - PCA Mathematics and Graphics  - PCA Redistribution of Energy PP: Travis Gaydos – PCA vs. Smoothness measures

6.    [90%]   Thursday, Sep. 6:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-6-07.ppt  Finish PCA Redistribution of Energy  - PCA Data Representation - Alternate PCA Computation & SVD - Primal - Dual PCA – SVD data analysis  PP: Jingdan Zhang – High dimensional texture synthesis

7.    [85%]   Tuesday, Sep. 11:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-11-07.ppt  Finish Primal-Dual PCA vs. SVD – Recentering  Network data - Connections between discrete and continuous curve data  PP: Spencer Hays – Extensions of Dynamic Factor Models via SVD and Optimal Smoothness

8.    [95%]   Thursday, Sep. 13:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-13-07.ppt  PCA for Corpora Callosa - Fourier Boundary Representation - Medial Representation - Movies for Visualization - Cornea PP: Mihee Lee – Deconvolution

9.    [90%]   Tuesday, Sep. 18:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-18-07.ppt  Cornea Data - Robust HDLSS (Spherical) PCA  PP: Daniel Gatti - Interpretation of ANOVA models for microarray data using PCA

10.    [92%]   Thursday, Sep. 20:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-20-07.ppt  Elliptical PCA - Clusters & PCA - Mass Flux Data  PP: Seungyeun Lee – PCA for Population Stratification

11.    [30%]   Tuesday, Sep. 25:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-25-07.ppt  Smoothing Basics – Bandwidth Selection – SiZer 

12.    [85%]   Thursday, Sep. 27:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/9-27-07.ppt  Revisit Mass Flux Data - SiZer Analysis of Cell Cycle Data - Data Representation  PP: Jui-Hua Hsieh – Visualization in Drug Discovery

13.    [70%]  Tuesday, Oct. 2:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-2-07.ppt  M-reps - Bladder Prostate Rectum - Data on manifolds - Mildly Non-Euclidean data - Principal Geodesic Analysis  PP: Seo Young Park – Introduction to LASSO

14.    [95%]   Thursday, Oct. 4:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-04-07.ppt  Classification - Fisher Linear Discrimination (Nonparametric & Parametric)  PP: Seonjoo Lee – Regularized PCA

15.    [95%]   Tuesday, Oct. 9:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-09-07.ppt  Classical Discrimination – HDLSS Discrimination  PP: Xiaoxiao Liu – Analysis of m-rep data & Jui-Hua Hsieh – Visualization in Drug Discovery

16.    [90%]   Thursday, Oct. 11:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-11-07.ppt  Maximal Data Piling – Relation to FLD – Start Embedding and Kernel Spaces 

17.    [95%]   Tuesday, Oct. 16:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-16-07.ppt  Support Vector Machines – Distance Weighted PP: Liying Zhang – The  application of SVM in QSAR modeling  &  Sungkyu Jung – Visualization of gene expression data via PCA and DWD

Skip.      Thursday, Oct. 18:  Fall Break

18.    [80%]   Tuesday, Oct. 23:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-23-07.ppt  Distance Weighted Discrimination – Revisit micro-array data – Face Data – Outcome Data – Simulation Comparison  PP: Changryong Baek – Wavelets

19.    [30%]   Thursday, Oct. 25:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-25-07.ppt  HDLSS Asymptotics & Geometric Representation  PP:  Hao Tang – Discriminative Nearest Neighbor approach for classification problems at decision boundary

20.    [10%]   Tuesday, Oct. 30:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/10-30-07.ppt  Revisit NCI 60 data – HDLSS Hypothesis Testing: DiProPerm Test  PP: Xingye Qiao – Unbalanced Classification

Skip.     Thursday, Nov. 1:   Class Canceled, SAMSI workshop

21.    [0%]   Tuesday, Nov. 6:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/11-06-07.ppt  DiProPerm: Particulate Matter Data, Breast Cancer Data – Start Clustering,   PP: Ruiwen Zhang – More on LASSO & Baowei Xu – PCA in Finance Data

22.    [0%]   Thursday, Nov. 8:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/11-08-07.ppt  Clustering – SigClust: hypothesis testing for clusters PP: Andrey ShabalinBiclustering  &  Xin Liu – Modeling Reaction- Time Distribution

23.    [0%]   Tuesday, Nov. 13:  http://stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/11-13-07.ppt  QQ-plots  PP: Feng Liu – DWD Analysis of Memory Test Data  &  Jun Ge – Reliability of principal component analysis

24.    [0%]   Thursday, Nov. 15:  SigClust hypothesis testing: Applied to NCI 60 data  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/11-15-07.ppt  PP: Yuying Xie:  QTL mapping  &  Dominik Reinhold – Landmark registration for handwriting data

25.    [0%]   Tuesday, Nov. 20:  http://stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/11-20-07.ppt  PP: Ying Yuan – Segmentation from perfusion images in acute stroke  &  Tong-Ying Wu –  Projecting High Dimension Chemistry Space in Low Dimension through Stochastic Proximity Embedding Technique  

Skip.      Thursday, Nov. 22:  Thanksgiving

26.    [0%]   Tuesday, Nov. 27:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/11-27-07.ppt  Independent Component Analysis PP: Wenjie Chen – SigClust Analysis of phycological data  &  Hong Ke – Zooming in on Human Growth

27.    [0%]   Thursday, Nov. 29:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/11-29-07SumanSen.ppt  Suman Sen: Classification for Manifold data  PP: Rima Hajjo – Hierarchical clustering of biological spectra: linking biological activity profiles to molecular structure  &  Xiaofang Cheng – Functional Models for Test Items

28.    [0%]   Tuesday, Dec. 4:  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/12-04-07.ppt  Trees as Data – Strongly Non-Euclidean Data –  Detailed look at Blood Vessel Data  PP: Burcu Aydin – Optimization for Trees as Data  http://www.stat-or.unc.edu/webspace/courses/marron/UNCstor891OODA-2007/OptimizationOverTrees.pdf  &  Chaeryon Kang – Early Postnatal  Development of Corpus Callosum and Corticospinal White Matter Assessed with Quantitative Tractography



·       % of overlap with material from 2005 shown as [100%] (percentage overlap in brackets)

·       Participant Presentations shown as:  Name – Topic.  

·       Tentative Future Topics shown in gray.





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